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Latour, Gorgias, and Levinas Take 15

This article keeps beating me up–every time I think I know what I am doing, it runs away. I believe I am finally whipping it in to shape, but I want to make sure the following paragraphs make sense to … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour and Metaphysics

I don’t remember this passage in Harman’s Prince of Networks, but its a nice one from Latour’s Laboratory Life: Specific to this laboratory is the particular configurations of apparatus that we have called inscription devices. The central importance of this … Continue reading

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Harman’s Tool-Being

Graham Harman’s Tool-Being (along with several other of his works) is on my radar, although I have no idea when I’ll find time to read it. I came across a review of Harman’s book today at Dark Chemistry, and this … Continue reading

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Harman on Latour, Socrates, and Sophistry

The first of my summer reading books have arrived from Amazon. Last night I read the first few chapters to Brooke’s Lingua Fracta and the Pandora’s Hope chapter of Harman’s Bruno Latour: Prince of Networks. Both are really good, although … Continue reading

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Post Conferences Post

I just got back from RSA and Computers and Writing–two great weekends that left me both socially and professionally refreshed. I’m working today towards advancing both papers (one on social media, ethics, and Rowan’s cancer, the other on Latour, sophistry, … Continue reading

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