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CCCC’s Recap #1: Expanding Rhetorical Publics: the Zoo, the Cemetery, and the Chapel”

While at CCCC’s, I had the pleasure of attending Steven Mailloux, D. Diane Davis, and Michelle Ballif’s panel “Expanding Rhetorical Publics: the Zoo, the Cemetery, and the Chapel.” Mailloux’s talk “Human Acts, Divine Publics” wonders whether it is possible to … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities

A friend emailed me Feisal G. Mohamed’s response to Fish’s recent discussion of digital humanities. Here’s my response. I think there’s two basic genealogies to digital humanities/technology studies. Reductive? Sure. But helpful. The first traces back to Heidegger’s “Question Concerning … Continue reading

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Walking Notes: Latour on Heidegger

I was thinking today about Latour’s move to Heidegger in “Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam”. He notes that it might strike many as odd, a hyper-realist turning to one among the most speculative of phenomenologists. But Heidegger’s fourfold … Continue reading

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