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Steven Johnson Strikes Again

I’ll take a quick second to point to an extremely important article by Steven Johnson. Why is it so important? Because in the digital/intellectual property conversations, in which so much debate over control is at stake, attention is rarely paid … Continue reading

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Corporate Executives?

The Electronic Freedom Foundation has a Mxrk-style annotated post up concerning the “Comments of the Creative Community Organizations.” Thoughts: I think we all agree that artists deserve to be compensated for their work and that outright stealing is wrong. But, … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade on DRM and Piracy

An outstanding post today over at Penny Arcade dealing with Ubisoft’s most recent measure to combat piracy. Essentially, the game requires you to have constant access to the internet–any break in connectivity, and “poof” you lose all your progress. I … Continue reading

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Boycott Douglas Coupland–Or Not

Here’s another opportunity to use social media to get something right. Douglas Coupland recently taped a YouTube promotion for an upcoming book. In the promotion, he blatantly rips off an idea from ZeFrank’s The Show called “The Earth Sandwich.” Now, … Continue reading

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Hi There, Let’s Talk Google

I’ve been writing in other places and neglecting the blog, but I thought I might try to spend some quality time here. To get started, there’s an interesting story over at the NYTimes on the Google library project. I have … Continue reading

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Lessig’s New Book

One of my heroes, Lawrence Lessig, has a new book out. While the website is up, the book isn’t available for free yet (but I’m sure it will be soon). In the meantime, he recently gave an interview with Colbert. … Continue reading

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A Small Old-Fashioned American Hero

Its been awhile since I’ve written on the RIAA and ip, but a great story on how ISP’s are resisting the RIAA’s insane plan came across /. this mornin. We can also cast Jerry Scroggin as the everyman hero in … Continue reading

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Obama goes to work

As I recently mentioned, I primarily voted for Obama based on his stance toward net neutrality. Obama has decided to appoint our nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. User Voice, a social aggregator, has set up an interesting forum to discuss … Continue reading

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Calling for Five Minutes of Your Time

I just read a disturbing story on how libraries are being pressured away from cooperating with open source project: a concise post, written by Aaron Swartz over at Raw Thought. If you don’t have the time to read the article, … Continue reading

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I’ll Take It: Keeping Contemporary Culture and Materials in Our Classes

This came over my NCTE email this morning: The Code of Best Practices for Media Literacy Education. The nice part is that it is put together by lawyers who have read the constitution and are willing to fight for our … Continue reading

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