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Berlin, Vitanza, and Self/Assessment

Last night my graduate course on Contemporary Rhetoric spent some time in 1996; we discussed two important treatments of postmodern theory in Rhetoric and Composition–Vitanza and Berlin. Below is the lecture I gave. Those who shared a former life with … Continue reading

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Links for Talk

I’m guest lecturing in a graduate course tonight on the evolution from literacy to digitality (my playful name for the talk is “From the Ear to the Eye to the Mouth: Orality, Literacy, and Digitality”). I didn’t have time to … Continue reading

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On Thinking and Clarity

The following material is a response to Richard Lanham’s Style: An Anti-Textbook. I shared it with my expository students today. It relies on a ridiculous simplification. My use of the terms “rhetoric” and “composition” are completely idiosyncratic and reductionary. I’ll … Continue reading

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106: Week One

If you are looking for baby photos, then you should scroll down to the previous post. If you are looking to pass English 106, then you should scroll down to the baby photos, sufficiently oooh and aaah, and then scoll … Continue reading

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