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Listening, Passivity, and/as Ethics

This morning a tweet caught my attention: Loved hearing Albers and Harste speak about reclaiming writing #ncte14 #reclaimthejoy #literacies — Jon Wargo (@wargojon) November 22, 2014 I haven’t read Albers and Harste before, so I’ll have to track down … Continue reading

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Latour and “Delegation”

I’m researching Latour’s views on Christianity for a revise and resubmit and came along this passage near the end of We Have Never Been Modern. I don’t know how many times I have read this book, but I never recognized … Continue reading

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Levinas and the Sophistic Virtue of “Deception”

I’m reading this passage across Latour’s insistence upon chains of translations (Pandora’s Hope) and Susan Jarratt’s explication of Gorgias notion of Apate (deception) as virtue); Levinas, from his interview with Philippe Nemo: A radical reflection, obstinate about itself, a cogito … Continue reading

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Latour, Levinas, Vitanza, a Rhetoric of Obligation

A quick threading of my last few posts: Levinas, from the later essay “God and Philosophy” (a rather remarkable essay that integrates so much of Levinas’s career–the discussion of insomnia from Time and the Other, the insistence upon (un)saying the … Continue reading

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Question and Answer

On Facebook, someone asks: “Come on people, is it so hard to have manners?” I would say “yes” because having manners rests on a recognition and prioritization of the other person. So much of our contemporary technological life aims at … Continue reading

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Davis on Derrida; What Levinas Offers Latour

Via Blogora, a video lecture by D. Diane Davis on Derrida, deconstruction, gratitude, and debt: Derrida and gratitude: thinking always has a debt. “The image of the trail blazing subject, self sufficient and completely independent is, of course, a metaphysical … Continue reading

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Very Large Finitude and Ecological Irony

Figure/Ground is featuring an interview with Timothy Morton, professor of ecology, theory, and literature. Morton was first brought to my attention last fall by a grad student in my Contemporary Rhetorics class. This snippet from the interview grabbed my attention, … Continue reading

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Zakaria and Political Reality

I missed a post yesterday, so two posts today. First, a brief comment on Zakarias’ article “How Conservatism Has Lost Touch with Reality. A friend has a rather scathing response to Zakarias over at his blog, arguing that Zakarias is … Continue reading

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How I Pick My Battles

One of my friends asked a provocative question over facebook this morning. Those familiar with this blog’s history will likely know its source. But it is a great question. My answer might be a little “blue,” but I think it … Continue reading

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Latour, Gorgias, and Levinas Take 15

This article keeps beating me up–every time I think I know what I am doing, it runs away. I believe I am finally whipping it in to shape, but I want to make sure the following paragraphs make sense to … Continue reading

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