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Latour and “Delegation”

I’m researching Latour’s views on Christianity for a revise and resubmit and came along this passage near the end of We Have Never Been Modern. I don’t know how many times I have read this book, but I never recognized … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities

A friend emailed me Feisal G. Mohamed’s response to Fish’s recent discussion of digital humanities. Here’s my response. I think there’s two basic genealogies to digital humanities/technology studies. Reductive? Sure. But helpful. The first traces back to Heidegger’s “Question Concerning … Continue reading

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Davis on Derrida; What Levinas Offers Latour

Via Blogora, a video lecture by D. Diane Davis on Derrida, deconstruction, gratitude, and debt: Derrida and gratitude: thinking always has a debt. “The image of the trail blazing subject, self sufficient and completely independent is, of course, a metaphysical … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour and Metaphysics

I don’t remember this passage in Harman’s Prince of Networks, but its a nice one from Latour’s Laboratory Life: Specific to this laboratory is the particular configurations of apparatus that we have called inscription devices. The central importance of this … Continue reading

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