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Music / February / 2011

Keeping with my new year’s resolution to listen to more (and new) music, here’s what I picked up in February: Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: I picked this up because I respect any album that gets a … Continue reading

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Music / January / 2011

In keeping with my New Years resolution, here’s the albums I’ve picked up since my last post: Black Keys’ Rubber Factory – A very solid album, rarely do I find myself skipping a track when this comes up on a … Continue reading

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Trying to Listen to More Music

Meg got me a new iPod for Christmas. I haven’t really bought any new music in probably 5 years (I think the last new album I purchased was Arctic Monkey’s Favorite Worst Nightmare in 2007). So I’m trying to reconnect … Continue reading

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New Ok Go Video

Honestly, I’m not really a big fan of this band. I thought their first hit, “Here it Goes Again,” was catchy but borderline annoying. The video was engaging. That said, the single extended shot chicanery in their new video is … Continue reading

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A Small Old-Fashioned American Hero

Its been awhile since I’ve written on the RIAA and ip, but a great story on how ISP’s are resisting the RIAA’s insane plan came across /. this mornin. We can also cast Jerry Scroggin as the everyman hero in … Continue reading

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Cover Bands

A few posts ago I talked about my love of cover bands. Today a list of the “top cover bands of all-time” cam across Coudal. I forgot how much I like Dread Zeppelin (the Rondellus was quirky, Nouvelle Vague kinda … Continue reading

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Victory is (sorta) Ours!

SoundExchange (representing the music industry) has agreed to re-think its fee structure for internet radio, 16 days before the killer rate increase. DiMA has a mixed review to the announcement. While many people are questioning the move, it at least … Continue reading

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Another Top Ten: Albums

Sure its cliche, but I was thinking about this today on the drive into school–the ole “what ten albums would you take to a desert island?” question. Here’s what I’m packing, in chronological order. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, 1959 … Continue reading

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