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Free Your TV?

My wife and I always complain about our insane cable bill, but we’re both TV junkies–so what’s our alternatives? Well, it looks like “internet-TV” is about to take a huge step forward. Via /. via NYT, Adobe is about to … Continue reading

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Help Support Net Neutrality

I posted this to Facebook yesterday, and a few people have passed it on. Time Warner, a large ISP, is making a serious political and legal effort to counter net neutrality. I am presuming they are attempting this early in … Continue reading

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Obama goes to work

As I recently mentioned, I primarily voted for Obama based on his stance toward net neutrality. Obama has decided to appoint our nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. User Voice, a social aggregator, has set up an interesting forum to discuss … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Surfacing Soon

To everyone who asked… yes I am still alive. The job search is nearing a close, but it looks like I’ll have to make some pretty tough decisions before this is all over. I don’t want to blog about it … Continue reading

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So Angry I Can’t Think Straight

I concluded an otherwise relaxing morning reading a thread on advertising and ISP’s over at /. I am now ready to enlist in some nerd militia and storm an ISP. Let me explain. For those with no desire to RTFA … Continue reading

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There goes Obi-Wan

I read a kind of farewell post over at Lawrence Lessig’s blog yesterday with a heavy heart. Lessig announced that he will be changing the focus of his research and activism, moving away from intellectual property and net neutrality and … Continue reading

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