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New Media 15.2 / Building a Portfolio in SquareSpace

Hi all. Tuesday’s class exposed me to how un-intuitive SquareSpace 7’s interface is. But after working with Ashley, Ricky, Brooke, and Matt, I think I have a handle on how to use it. Today I want to show you two … Continue reading

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First Day, Fall 2012

Somehow it is already the first day of classes for 2012. I am not sure where my summer went. I am excited to teach a new grad class this semester, New Media Production. The course differs from the other grad … Continue reading

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New Media Production

This fall I will be piloting a New Media Production class for our PhD program. This aims to be different from my usual “read a colossal amount of theory” approach to graduate courses; the emphasis will be on that final … Continue reading

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Messiness as a Virtue

I’m re-reading Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous today for my New Media class and really appreciating his chapter “Messiness as a Virtue.” Two passages worth sharing (i.e., remembering): Simplicity was the only reasonable strategy before we developed machines that can handle … Continue reading

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Dreams of Your Life

An installation site Dreams of Your Life to share with my New Media class next semester.

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Walking Notes: Latour on Heidegger

I was thinking today about Latour’s move to Heidegger in “Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam”. He notes that it might strike many as odd, a hyper-realist turning to one among the most speculative of phenomenologists. But Heidegger’s fourfold … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Reading Lists

I was doing so well posting here. I even got a comment from Dave Weinberger. And then last week happened. I spent most of today finishing my syllabi for the fall and submitting my book orders. Here’s how my two … Continue reading

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Week One, Spring 2011

Our first week of classes is coming to a close. My New Media class read Walter Ong’s “Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought” and will be remediating the essay into (x)html this weekend. I haven’t read that article in … Continue reading

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