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I spent most of today writing up my Nussbaum/Sloterdijk/Ulmer/SF Zero article, turning handwritten rough draft into (sloppily) typed rough draft. A fun process. Essentially, I critique Nussbaum’s connection between critical thinking and empathy, and argue instead for a post-pedagogical, non-critical, … Continue reading

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Teaching a Philosophy of Life

Today’s snippet comes from a student’s paper defending the value of his liberal arts major. One of the questions I posed this semester, while reading Academically Adrift and Not For Profit was whether Universities’ missions included teaching values, or whether … Continue reading

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Ethical Learning, Responsibility, and Assessment

A long time ago, when I first became enamored with the possibilities of digital communication and deconstruction, I remember constructing a piece on spectrality and student work. I was proud when the piece won a Parlor Press award at Purdue … Continue reading

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Post-Pedagogy as Performing Empathy

Week two of trying to post something every day. I spent this morning working on an article responding to Martha Nussbaum’s Not For Profit. Here’s a snippet dealing with post-pedagogy. In place of pedagogies of control insisting upon the traditional … Continue reading

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A Troll Who Cares–Jonathon Paige & the Ethics of Blogging

Day two of my effort to put something here everyday. Today I point to a very interesting post sent to me by mxrk, one that relates to our blogging class/project/article. An internet troll details how he created Jonathon Paige’s twitter … Continue reading

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No Life Is Good

In The Philosopher’s Magazine, David Benetar argues that “No Life is Good.” A cynical (and, I hope, playful) argument against the mechanical life. His conclusion isn’t to kill yourself, just to stop having babies (and thus bringing more people destined … Continue reading

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Insane Job Add

Blogora has a link to The Philosophy Smoker’s discussion of a crazy philosophy job add. Two things: I can’t wait until we all bow down before work with corporate sponsors. Are visiting associate positions even real?

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Practicing Deconstruction Responsibly

I think deconstruction, when practiced well, is both destruction and construction. Derrida’s later work provides numerous examples of such positive practice. But this would just get us into a tired, commonplace exchange. In terms of changing the University, I am … Continue reading

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