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Dear Football Gods

Please, don’t let us lose to the Giants. I’ve had the pleasure of Super Bowl wins. They were dandy. That loss back in 07 really humbled us. I could lose to any other team and say, “wow, its been a … Continue reading

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Tebow a Character Pick?

I have nothing against ethos, and I’m sure, after recent events, Josh McDaniels is looking forward to working with a contentious, diligent, and respectful player. As one of the many talking heads I listened to this morning said: Tebow is … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Sophistical Defense for Going for It

First of all, congratulations to the Colts for an amazing second-half. They played better and they won the game. And they don’t deserve the criticism that “Belichick handed them the win.” How often are coaches criticized for “coaching not to … Continue reading

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Wait Til Next Year?

As a Boston/New England sports fan, the first decade of the new century went rather well. Perhaps too well. Our cultural ethos is constructed around losing and misfortune. Might it be that things are returning to normal? This was an … Continue reading

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I guess I cannot complain too much. We’ve had things pretty good in New England for awhile now. You know: fewer confederate flags (future post coming), really good seafood, and a string of championships. So rather than cry about Brady, … Continue reading

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Sports Things that Bug Me

These things have been bugging me the past few weeks: 1. Kevin Garnett Shooting Jump Shots. Before I saw him play regularly, I used to think that Garnett was a better player than Tim Duncan. My argument went, if you … Continue reading

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I haven’t felt this miserable…

…since my first dog died when I was eight years old. Seriously. And to make matters worse, I wasn’t even able to watch the game (out for dinner on a campus visit).

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Good month for Boston

My teams certainly know how to deliver a birthday present (although the Pats were a bit late…) Red Sox Besides hitting four consecutive homeruns on my birthday, the Sox dominated the Yanks so far this year. And I know the … Continue reading

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