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“Unschooling” and David Weinberger

Today a student shared a piece appearing over at the Washington post on education, focusing on debates over class sizes. The piece details two general approaches to education–the first teacher driven, the second student driven. This second approach the article … Continue reading

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Post-Pedagogy as Performing Empathy

Week two of trying to post something every day. I spent this morning working on an article responding to Martha Nussbaum’s Not For Profit. Here’s a snippet dealing with post-pedagogy. In place of pedagogies of control insisting upon the traditional … Continue reading

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Here, Hear Ulmer (Or, U Might Learn Electracy, Really)

Today professor Ulmer visited University of South Florida to give a talk on electracy and have a discussion with our graduate students. I had the pleasure of introducing Professor Ulmer. Here’s my introduction (I have some notes from the talk … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Radical Approach to Teaching Final Papers

In my last post, I mentioned that I was trying something a bit different with my current expository writing class. I should say upfront that State and programatic expectations for the course don’t give me too much wiggle room. The … Continue reading

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First Sentences

My two writing classes today were focused on writing first sentences. I compiled a few resources to provide lens’ for examining all the first sentences they had written the previous week. From an article over at A Tate Publishing Blog, … Continue reading

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