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Latour and Risk

From Pandora’s Hope:: Speech implies by definition the risk of misunderstanding across the huge gaps between different species. If scientists want to bridge the two-culture divide for good, they will have to get used to a lot of noise, and, … Continue reading

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Very Large Finitude and Ecological Irony

Figure/Ground is featuring an interview with Timothy Morton, professor of ecology, theory, and literature. Morton was first brought to my attention last fall by a grad student in my Contemporary Rhetorics class. This snippet from the interview grabbed my attention, … Continue reading

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Toward Kair-erotically Thinking Techno-Determinism

I spent the morning today doing some reading/writing on my Computers and Writing presentation, which will deal explicitly with how social media played a role in diagnosing and dealing with my daughter’s cancer. One article that I read today was … Continue reading

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This is Much Better than a Flying Car

Remember Geordi Laforge from Star Trek? Well there’s an article in the on a device that translates impulses on the tongue into visual data, effectively allowing blind people to see. Seriously, sometimes science rocks.

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Obligatory Post from a Sophistic Baseball Fan

[A little context: last week I used a series of ESPN articles in a workshop on direct quoting, hence the sometimes forced references. I think the workshop was successful, however.] Dear Commissioner Selig, I understand in the wake of recent … Continue reading

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Future of Sports

For the past few years I’ve been arguing that the steroids controversy in baseball is about much more that the purity of sport- it touches the incredible transformations medical science will bring to biology. It is about our relationship to … Continue reading

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