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Summer Reading

I know it is a bit late to be posting my summer reading list, but here’s the things I have or will be reading this summer Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing, Ian Bogost How to … Continue reading

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Blogging Pedagogy & Academically Adrift

Today is the final day of my summer Expository Writing class. I build all of my classes around themes; this semester was dedicated to blogging. Mxrk, Ryan P. Weber, and I will be putting together an article dedicated to the … Continue reading

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Post Conferences Post

I just got back from RSA and Computers and Writing–two great weekends that left me both socially and professionally refreshed. I’m working today towards advancing both papers (one on social media, ethics, and Rowan’s cancer, the other on Latour, sophistry, … Continue reading

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Lanham definition of rhetoric; the Aim of Education(s)

I need to remember this somewhere, why not the blog. Now you can remember it, too. “Rhetoric” has not always been a dirty word, the opposite of sincerity, truth, and good intentions. For most of its life it meant the … Continue reading

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Moral of the Story

So, this weekend we spent a lot of time lighting fireworks with the neighbors. Among us was an 8th grader who loved reading. As she listed off a litany of her favorite books, I periodically asked “what was the moral … Continue reading

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Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near

I’ve put off reading this book for awhile, since I find it so difficult to talk about. I find Kurzweil’s work fascinating and dangerous, stimulating and irresponsible. I know he’s coming to come up in my dissertation, opposite and alongside … Continue reading

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