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Ulmer Riff: Recipe

My class is progressing with our mystories. In an effort to help them grasp Ulmer’s approach to relay and imitation, I crafted what I call the recipe assignment. Its inspired by a visit from poet Robert Pinsky this past Spring; … Continue reading

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Lessig’s New Book

One of my heroes, Lawrence Lessig, has a new book out. While the website is up, the book isn’t available for free yet (but I’m sure it will be soon). In the meantime, he recently gave an interview with Colbert. … Continue reading

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Funny Doesn’t Belong There

I often find myself trying to come to terms with my love of rhetoric; to the point that I try to find traces of this love littered throughout my entire life’s narrative. One such trace, I tell myself, is my … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Rocks

What rocks more than Jobs’ 90 minute talk? This great 60 second remix of his 90 minute talk. I love how the entire world seems willing and able to accommodate my growing attention deficit disorder.

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Stirke Up the Band

I am not quite sure that words can describe quite how awesome this is: Make sure you make it to at least 3:50.

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A Sign of the Apocolypse

I had another post written up and ready to go last night, when I came across this NYTimes article on a chef suing several posh New York restaurants for stealing her menu. I laughed it off, dismissed it as crazy, … Continue reading

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Another Quick One

I don’t think we can be friends if you don’t like this one: Powerthirst Sports Drink Spoof – Watch more free videos Oh, one more thing: the Celtics are in such a dismal place that Kevin Garnett, who hasn’t sniffed … Continue reading

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Way back machine

I spent most of my blogging brain cells responding to Casey’s question on yesterday’s post, so here’s a breather: This ranks high in the hall of awesomeness. “Give him ze uppercut!”

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