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Walking Notes: Latour on Heidegger

I was thinking today about Latour’s move to Heidegger in “Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam”. He notes that it might strike many as odd, a hyper-realist turning to one among the most speculative of phenomenologists. But Heidegger’s fourfold … Continue reading

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Post-Pedagogy as Performing Empathy

Week two of trying to post something every day. I spent this morning working on an article responding to Martha Nussbaum’s Not For Profit. Here’s a snippet dealing with post-pedagogy. In place of pedagogies of control insisting upon the traditional … Continue reading

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A Troll Who Cares–Jonathon Paige & the Ethics of Blogging

Day two of my effort to put something here everyday. Today I point to a very interesting post sent to me by mxrk, one that relates to our blogging class/project/article. An internet troll details how he created Jonathon Paige’s twitter … Continue reading

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Jameson’s New Book

Blogora’s sporting a link to Jameson’s preview of his upcoming book today. I’ve never considered myself a Marxist nor a fan of Jameson, but I nod my head to this paragraph from the preview: Now we can step back and … Continue reading

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Reflections: Rickert’s Acts of Enjoyment

I thought I would share a few paragraphs from Thomas Rickert’s Acts of Enjoyment: The point, ultimately, is not that we should immediately change the pedagogical road we are on. This would risk falling into the same critical mode I … Continue reading

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