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Silly Dad

Rowan: Is today a sleep over night with Mommy? Me: I don’t know. Rowan: Well, Mommy doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow. So she doesn’t have to get up early. So she can sleep over. Me: Yes, but I’m … Continue reading

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Rowan on New Car Smell

Me: “This is the first time you’ll ride in dad’s new car” Rowan: “Why does your new car smell like dog poop?” Me: “That’s called new car smell. A lot of people like it” Rowan: “A lot of people like … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Me (reading Lyotard’s Postmodern Condition) Rowan: “What are you doing daddy?” Me: “I’m reading a book about why people go to school.” Rowan: “Oh.” Me: “Why do you go to school?” Rowan: “I go to school to BE QUIET!” Casey’s … Continue reading

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Derek Fisher

A few people commented on Facebook that Derek Fisher’s daughter has the same disease as Rowan. Unlike Rowan’s case, they were able to use a radical procedure (injecting chemo drugs directly into the eye) to save his daughter’s eye. Even … Continue reading

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Successful Surgery

Rowan had her medical port removed this morning after being cancer free for over a year. The surgery was very quick (about a half hour) and she is feeling fine (singing along with Dora as I write). It has been … Continue reading

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4:37 Worth Your Time

Granted, it might be because our daughter is undergoing ridiculously expensive medical treatments, or that, over the last year, my wife and I have seen first hand how insurance companies and hospitals work over err… with…err… people. But watch this: … Continue reading

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Rowan Update

Its been awhile since I have put up anything on Rowan, and I thought I should share our good news. Rowan has finished her final round of chemotherapy. Hooray! We’ve been having some trouble with her temporary prosthetic (as in … Continue reading

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Rowan Update

We are home resting; Rowan managed not to catch my plague. Right now, she’s playing outside with gramma (Meg’s mom just got here this morning to give us some much needed help). Thanks to everyone for their concern and wishes. … Continue reading

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Sunday Update 2

Things have gotten much better as the day progressed. We stopped giving her the Tylenol w/ codine and her condition really improved. Codine can cause both constipation and nausea, and she hasn’t vomited since last night. She’s eating solid food, … Continue reading

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Sunday Update

Things are still not going very well. We spent last night at the hotel, and Rowan did sleep soundly through the night. She’s had a bit of breast milk this morning, but is refusing solid foods (and Rowan never refuses … Continue reading

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