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I haven’t felt this miserable…

…since my first dog died when I was eight years old. Seriously. And to make matters worse, I wasn’t even able to watch the game (out for dinner on a campus visit).

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Video Games, Narrative, and Hollywood

So, although I really don’t have time to write this, I have to react to the recent article in the LA Times warning movie executives to stay away from video games. I found the discussion over at Joystiq. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Sane Intellectual Property Laws, Take 237

Here’s a follow-up to my rant over at Mxrk the other day (which followed up a rant during an MLA interview), my first intellectual property rant of 2008. Chances are it shouldn’t be the last- though daughter and dissertations will … Continue reading

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Show about Nothing

As a baseball fan and a rhetorician, I feel compelled to write something on the Mitchell report. But since I’m in the midst of grading, and my baby’s making that “you better be ready to pick me up” face, I’ll … Continue reading

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Romantic Rinse Cycle

The all-consuming job search, coupled with adorable baby daughter, doesn’t leave much time for blogging (or anything else, for that matter). But I did want to take a few minutes to explain how parenthood has alerted my wife and I … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Apocolypse

I had another post written up and ready to go last night, when I came across this NYTimes article on a chef suing several posh New York restaurants for stealing her menu. I laughed it off, dismissed it as crazy, … Continue reading

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