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Email Standards

File this one under its about time. A grassroots movement for better cross-client compatibility. The major targets? Gmail and Outlook. Here’s to hoping they can have some success. Here’s a link to their test email and the properties they are … Continue reading

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True Font Families

A List Apart is featuring an article on the future of CSS. Their prediction? Increased compatibility with web fonts, decreasing reliance on browser compatibility. Today, if a user doesn’t have a font, tough luck. But in the future? CSS coding … Continue reading

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Standards Compliant URLs

I haven’t put up a technology-oriented post in awhile, but, then again, I haven’t been doing much web design this summer. This week I’ve started working on my course website for the fall, and thought I might share a cool, … Continue reading

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Victory is (Almost) Mine! (Standards Compliant Slideshow via ImageShack)

I recently finished working with a local dog group on a website redesign. Intially, I was particularly proud to recreate what was a table-based layout in xhtml and css. Later, the group decided they wanted to make some significant changes … Continue reading

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