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Why the New “V” Isn’t “Battlestar”

This started as an email to Casey’s question of what I thought of the new V last night. He remarked that the show had clear conservative overtones. My response: I agree on the conservative overtones- but art is meant to … Continue reading

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This is Not OK

I saw this late-night on an infomercial. Apparently, it was pulled from stores back in April after a bit of controversy. Now they must figure that the kind of people watching a midnight re-run of Monk won’t be as politically … Continue reading

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We’ve Run Out of TV

Meg and I are regular TV watchers, but, through the magic of netflix, we’re running out of quality TV. Lost–season over. House–season over. Battlestar Galactica–gone forever (its still to soon for me to talk about it). Dexter–we’re all caught up. … Continue reading

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