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Productive Mess Hits the Airwaves

Here’s some shameless self-promotion: the new issue of Kairos includes my article with Nathaniel Rivers and Ryan Weber “Productive Mess: First-Year Composition Takes the University’s Agonism Online.” The article has two main arguments: first, it discusses how to better integrate … Continue reading

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Now it feels like New Years

Tomorrow marks the first day of second semester here at USF, and I am in the middle of my “holiday” ritual–cleaning out the inboxes. Three email accounts, 2000 combined messages. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I do this at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Rowan Update

We are home resting; Rowan managed not to catch my plague. Right now, she’s playing outside with gramma (Meg’s mom just got here this morning to give us some much needed help). Thanks to everyone for their concern and wishes. … Continue reading

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Hee hee hee

Woman outside of voting place: Would you like some literature on question 2? Me: Sure, what is question 2 about? Woman outside of voting place: Well, question two supports our traditional family structure. Me: Oh, so that means that its … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…

I thought nothing could be better than rewinding and pausing live television. Hallelujah technology, for finally conquering the tyranny of linear time. Now, through a student, I have discovered All the randomness and excitement of discovery that comes with … Continue reading

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Hurricane Box

One of the fun parts of moving to Florida includes putting together a hurricane box- a box of food and supplies that are there “just in case.” I am new to this experience. But, on the advice of a colleague, … Continue reading

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Meg and I are preparing for our first real date since Rowan was born (6 months)- tonight’s Ben Folds concert. I wish I saw him with the Five, but I’m still excited for the show. I just sent of a … Continue reading

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Time to Shop for Sun Block

Its unofficially official: I have accepted a position with the University of South Florida. The job focuses on teaching the history of rhetoric at the graduate level and will also involve undergraduate courses on contemporary rhetorical theory, visual rhetoric, professional … Continue reading

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Victory-is-Mine: New Website

I’ve finished the draft for my fyc course this fall. I’m particularly pleased with the sliding image header technique I “invented” for this site–tutorial coming soon. I still have some touch ups (applying a min-width to the content area, thinking … Continue reading

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Victory is (Almost) Mine! (Standards Compliant Slideshow via ImageShack)

I recently finished working with a local dog group on a website redesign. Intially, I was particularly proud to recreate what was a table-based layout in xhtml and css. Later, the group decided they wanted to make some significant changes … Continue reading

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