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Spring Book Order

As we put another semester in the books, its time to place the book orders for the Spring. Here’s what I have on order: Rhetoric and Gaming Bogost, Persuasive Games McGonigal, Reality is Broken Fille and Platten, The Ultimate Guide … Continue reading

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Galloway and Thacker on Video Games

Skeptical of any “democratic” or “liberatory” elements to networks, Galloway and Thacker write: In this sense, forms of informatic play should be interrogated not as a liberation from the rigid constraints of systems of exchange and production but as the … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade on DRM and Piracy

An outstanding post today over at Penny Arcade dealing with Ubisoft’s most recent measure to combat piracy. Essentially, the game requires you to have constant access to the internet–any break in connectivity, and “poof” you lose all your progress. I … Continue reading

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Via ZeFrank, a great flash game called auditorium. I’m stuck on 3.4. I’m not one for flash games, but this is very well done.

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Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

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Video Games, Narrative, and Hollywood

So, although I really don’t have time to write this, I have to react to the recent article in the LA Times warning movie executives to stay away from video games. I found the discussion over at Joystiq. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Nintendo needs to hire Johnny Chung Lee

I’ve spent the last couple of days playing the online mode of Medal of Honor Heroes 2. Nothing special (it really suffers from a lack of player communication–no voice plus grenades equals frustration. But the immersive wii interface makes the … Continue reading

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Women in Games

MTV’s Multiplayer site is pulblishing a series of interviews this week with women working in professional games. So far I’ve read the first two–X-Play’s Morgan Webb (who at some point in my life went from being the beautiful woman talking … Continue reading

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Wiimote Already Obsolete?

I’m starting tag a lot of stuff like the following video lately. I’m real interested in the digital sandbox that video games are becoming. More and more your seeing games inviting prosuming, including advanced, yet accessible, level editors. Game companies … Continue reading

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DMCA needs revision?

Apparently a few people have gotten together and decided that maybe we should be able to do more than simply consume media. Maybe it would be good if we had some kind of freedom to comment on it, mess with … Continue reading

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