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Latour, Levinas, Vitanza, a Rhetoric of Obligation

A quick threading of my last few posts: Levinas, from the later essay “God and Philosophy” (a rather remarkable essay that integrates so much of Levinas’s career–the discussion of insomnia from Time and the Other, the insistence upon (un)saying the … Continue reading

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Messiness as a Virtue

I’m re-reading Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous today for my New Media class and really appreciating his chapter “Messiness as a Virtue.” Two passages worth sharing (i.e., remembering): Simplicity was the only reasonable strategy before we developed machines that can handle … Continue reading

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Berlin, Vitanza, and Self/Assessment

Last night my graduate course on Contemporary Rhetoric spent some time in 1996; we discussed two important treatments of postmodern theory in Rhetoric and Composition–Vitanza and Berlin. Below is the lecture I gave. Those who shared a former life with … Continue reading

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