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First Day, Fall 2012

Somehow it is already the first day of classes for 2012. I am not sure where my summer went. I am excited to teach a new grad class this semester, New Media Production. The course differs from the other grad … Continue reading

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Productive Mess Hits the Airwaves

Here’s some shameless self-promotion: the new issue of Kairos includes my article with Nathaniel Rivers and Ryan Weber “Productive Mess: First-Year Composition Takes the University’s Agonism Online.” The article has two main arguments: first, it discusses how to better integrate … Continue reading

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Obama goes to work

As I recently mentioned, I primarily voted for Obama based on his stance toward net neutrality. Obama has decided to appoint our nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. User Voice, a social aggregator, has set up an interesting forum to discuss … Continue reading

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Notes on Of Grammatology

It took me a bit to get started, but here we go… If, as Derrida suggests, writing threatens language, then digital technology extends this threatening, by engaging so many more people in the “play.” As the actors gather, as the … Continue reading

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Meg and I are preparing for our first real date since Rowan was born (6 months)- tonight’s Ben Folds concert. I wish I saw him with the Five, but I’m still excited for the show. I just sent of a … Continue reading

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Reputation as Ethos for the Responsible Netizen

I picked up the quizercise from Karl Stolley (who, I am pretty sure, just adapted Janice Lauer’s “writing opportunity”): every Monday, before we begin discussing the week’s readings, I ask students some kind of question that calls on them to … Continue reading

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ZeFrank interview

Just found a Cecil Vortex interview with ZeFrank shortly before The Show ended February 2007. In addition to gems such as “morphological synthesis” (an inventive approach) and an interesting discussion of how audience provides generative boundaries benefitical to the creative … Continue reading

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DIS iz crAZ

One technolog that I haven’t adopted is text messaging. I must admit, I don’t get it. Why not just call someone? O.k., enough grumpy old chat, but I came across an interesting post today by a secondary teacher who instructs … Continue reading

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