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Boycott Douglas Coupland–Or Not

Here’s another opportunity to use social media to get something right. Douglas Coupland recently taped a YouTube promotion for an upcoming book. In the promotion, he blatantly rips off an idea from ZeFrank’s The Show called “The Earth Sandwich.” Now, … Continue reading

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Old meets New – Ze Frank on

I’ve been enjoying Ze Frank’s new posts over at You should too. He’s got two up that I could find, this one on the Iranian election and this one on “Black and White.” As if the interactivity of The … Continue reading

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A Disgusting Amount of Cute

If you are up for it, I offer My Milk Toof. Its good, wholesome, clean, and, yes, cute. Thanks to ZeFrank for posting the link. Speaking of ZeFrank, he recently did a presentation at Webstock on The Show, worth a … Continue reading

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Visual Metaphor: Walmart as a Disease

As if the choice of green was innocuous. In the previous century, when I was a snobbish New Englander, Walmart was an unholy place–a store chocking the life out of small, friendly businesses and full of the kind of people … Continue reading

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ZeFrank interview

Just found a Cecil Vortex interview with ZeFrank shortly before The Show ended February 2007. In addition to gems such as “morphological synthesis” (an inventive approach) and an interesting discussion of how audience provides generative boundaries benefitical to the creative … Continue reading

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