ENG 122 5.2: Drafting and Commenting

Today’s Plan:

  • Attendance
  • Draft #2
  • Commenting
  • Writing Time
  • Homework

Draft #2 Rubric

Draft #2 is due this weekend. This should be a link to a Google Doc file, shared with my insignificantwrangler@gmail.com email address. You may also submit a word.docx.

I wanted to share what I am looking for in the second drafts. While the rubric is similar to last week’s, it also contains some more specific expectations:

Stuff in Medium

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Let’s talk about the three rhetorical appeals.

  • Ethos (credibility, character, identity)
  • Pathos (emotion, disposition, feelings)
  • Logos (reasons, causes, evidence, rationality–can I use an if…then… sentence?)

Now let’s look at some advertisements. I like using advertisements for this because we know their purpose–in virtually every case they are trying to persuade us (to buy something, to do something, to stop doing something).


As I have mentioned, I think an important part of developing as a writer concerns learning to incorporate feedback and make meaningful revisions. Before we can work with reader feedback, we have to get some reader feedback–and we are going to give some reader feedback to writers in other 122 classes today. My fellow instructors and I have compiled a list of medium essays.

I’ll give you about 15 minutes to read an essay. While and after you read, there’s three things I’d like you to do:

  • Praise: What is good about the writing? What should not be changed? Why is it good? As you read, highlight one sentence and craft a comment.
  • Question: As a reader, what do you not understand? What could the author clarify? Again, highlight a specific sentence or two for this comment.
  • Polish: As a final comment, what else would you have liked the writer to address? Were they to do another draft of this, what do you think they could add, revisit, or do next? OR Give the writer a gut reaction–I agree because… I disagree because… As you do so, try to add a new perspective to the topic.

Let’s talk about how to respond/comment on medium.


Submit a draft of your second medium article as a google doc URL or word.docx to Canvas.

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