ENG 123 1.1: Introduction

Today’s Plan:

  • Syllabus
  • Article Overview
  • Homework


Let’s read the syllabus.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here’s the list of articles:

Three sentences:

  • I read…
  • It was about…
  • One interesting, surprising, questionable thing was…

Quick Take: How to Read an (Academic) Article

When I assign a reading, I expect you to:

  1. Print out a copy of the article. Don’t try to read something on which you will write on screen
  2. As you read, have a pen at the ready. Don’t use a highlighter. Underline, mark the margin, or place a question mark as you go
  3. Every time you underline or mark the margin, write a comment at the top of the page. Studies show that writing things down helps us remember them. It also helps us start inventing the material we will need to write a summary or comparison. Don’t read passively, but actively


Read one of the articles above for Wednesday’s class. Post a 200 word summary of the article to Canvas. The summary should:

  • Identify the thesis of the article
  • Explain the methods the author used to support her claims and/or explain important methods used by others who the writer cites in support of her claims
  • Identify a debate, controversy, point of contention in the article
  • Not use the words “thesis” or “method(s)”

Bring a copy of your article to Wednesday’s class.

Note that we will meet in Ross Hall 1240 computer lab on Wednesday.

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