ENG 123 5.2: Booth Exercise and Proposal Writing

Today’s Plan:

  • Review the Booth
  • Booth Exercise
  • Proposal Project
  • Homework

Review the Booth

First, a metaphor.

We’ve got 3 quizzes up in Canvas. We will do them in the following order:

  • Booth Reading Review Quiz
  • Booth Heuristic
  • Booth Questions

Proposal Project

I think we are ready to start forming research questions and draft a formal research proposal. Hopefully, today’s exercise was useful in helping you to focus your attention on a particular researcher, problem, and/or term.

Let’s look at the template.

I think this will be due next Friday.


Get started on your proposal. Also, office hours are today (11-12) and tomorrow (11-12) and next Tuesday (11-12) and Wednesday (11-12). My office is Ross 1180D. Here is a sign up sheet.

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