ENG 123 6.1: From Proposal to Research

Today’s Plan:

  • Attendance
  • Introduce: Annotated Bibliography
  • Workshop: Characters and Actions
  • Homework

Annotated Bibliography Project

We have spent the first 1/3 of the course identifying and developing a topic. Now it is time to invest the majority of our energy into researching that topic. For the next several weeks you will produce an annotated bibliography, or a collection of research writing that will provide the bulk of the content for your papers.

My expectation is that you will read 75 pages of research per week for the next several weeks. For each thing you read, you will write up an annotation. I have a sample format that you will be required to use for the annotated bibliography.

This morning I was helping Hannah to narrow down her topic. I think our discussion is worth sharing, since it highlights the importance of academic sources and when it is ok in an academic research paper to use non-peer reviewed sources.

Workshop: Characters and Actions

I want to go over a chapter from Williams and Bizup’s Style that focuses on improving sentence clarity by avoiding too many nominalizations.


For homework, I want everyone to get started on the annotated bibliography project:

  1. Create a new Google Doc and share it with my gmail address: insignificantwrangler@gmail.com
  2. Choose three sources from your proposal and craft annotations for them, using my template. You will have to select all and then copy/paste my template into your document

We will be meeting in Ross 1240, the computer lab, for Thursday’s class. I will review some writing from the proposals and then give you time to work on writing a new annotation in class.

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