ENG 123 6.1: Primary Research, Proposal Expectations

Today’s Plan:

  • Overview of Research Methods
  • Reading Proposals
  • Homework

Overview of Research Methods

Since I’ve asked you to begin designing a research component for your proposals, I wanted to take a few minutes to overview some options.

  • Surveys: To collect attitudes of a specific population
  • Focus Groups: To engage an idea in a group, to solicit reactions
  • Interviews: To explore expertise
  • Field Observation: To track behaviors and changes
  • Archival/Textual Research: To explore the past; to analyze present operations


First, remember that you need a complete draft of your research synthesis in class on Wednesday for peer review. We will be meeting in the Ross computer lab. It is probably easiest if everyone has their draft as a Google Doc.

Second, read one of the following. We will discuss your readings in Wednesday’s class:

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