ENG 329 5.2: Storyboarding, Establishing Shot

Today’s Plan:

  • Project 2 Rubric Review
  • Opening Shot
  • Storyboarding Exercise

Project Two Rubric Review

Here’s the expectations for Project Two:

  • Fundamentals
    • Shot length of 3-10 seconds [montage excluded]
    • Shots lined up according to rule of thirds
    • Shots contain sufficient headroom
    • Varies shots between wide, mid, and close-up as appropriate
    • No shaky camera
    • No moving camera
  • Montage
    • Make sure the shots in a montage are properly differentiated
  • Sound
    • record audio with an external mic
    • normalized sound
    • clean sound (try to eliminate background noise)
    • wild sounds (try to add/edit/intensify sounds)
  • Lighting
    • Avoid shadowing (unless purposeful, i.e. silhouette)
    • Avoid grainy-ness
    • Try to keep lighting consistent between shots

Opening Shot

I wanted to introduce one more element while you are working on the second project, and that is the opening shot. Notice how not all opening shots are wide shots!


Today I want you to try your hand at storyboarding. Think of this as something akin to outlining a paper. As all writers know, the final product rarely reflects the original outline. But the outline is often an essential inventive activity.


Work on your video. Bring the Adobe book to class on Friday.

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