ENG 594 13: Proposals, Digital Video

Tonight’s plan:

  • 123 Materials, Book Orders
  • Keri’s Paper
  • Proposals? Conferences?
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Digital Video

Statements of Teaching Philosophy

Last week I explained my interest in helping you develop a teaching portfolio that will serve you on the job market. Let’s look at this pretty thorough guide on teaching portfolios developed by The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University. As I said last week, I think the feedback portfolio we developed last week is an innovative way of documenting teaching effectiveness.

Your other final assignment is pretty straightforward: and that is to develop a Statement of Teaching Philosophy. Obviously, you have limited experience as instructors, but I think it is strategic to familiarize yourself with the genre now so that you can revise these statements as you get closer to the job market (or applying to PhD programs).

Ok, what are statements of teaching philosophy? Let’s check that Vanderbilt page. Let’s look at the top of the Google Rankings.. Let’s look at Cheryl Ball’s advice. Let’s look at one more guide. Let’s look at some examples.

Teaching with Digital Video

Here is a link to the workshop I gave last year. Let’s walk through some stuff and then go make some video.

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