A general statement: my approach to teaching is “postpedagogical.” In short, this means that I do not view teaching as a transmission of knowledge or expertise from teacher to student. I actually thinking the idea of “teaching” in this manner is impossible (even if, as the rise of standardization and assessment indicates, it is seductive). I do, however, believe strongly in the possibility of “learning.” In a postpedagogical model of learning, it is my job to create problems and your job to invent solutions. I assess you on the ingenuity and sophistication of those solutions. In short, the projects I design do not necessarily have “right” answers, but the lack of a right answer does not mean there isn’t wrong approaches. As you develop ideas, come talk with me so I have an understanding of your understanding and can therefore approach your approach.

If this is already making your head hurta little, good.

For more information on my teaching, visit my portfolio page.

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