Visual Rhetoric 13 (Friday): Reviewing Infographics

Today’s Plan:

  • Remaining Schedule
  • Looking at Infographics via White Space
  • Creating the Rubric (Google Docs)
  • Piktochart Graphs (Linking to a Google Sheet)
  • Break
  • Peer Reviewing Piktocharts
  • Homework

Remaining Schedule

Because April 29th is a designated reading day, we only have two class sessions left. So:

  • April 15th: Share infographics, share redesign objects, redesign presentation
  • April 22nd: Redesign presentations

As I reiterate in the homework section, this means you have to identify the document you will redesign this week. We will look at redesign targets and talk about options next week. There is a folder in canvas to share either a URL or a .jpg of your redesign target. Even if it is a print document, please take a picture or scan of it so that I can put it on the big screen (and TurboScan is a great scanner app for an iphone).

Looking at Infographics via White Space

Before we create the rubric to use for peer review, I want to spend some time looking strategically at infographics. Our strategy will be informed by the WhiteSpace reading, as we pay attention to a number of core components of visual rhetoric:

  • Color
    • How many?
    • Shades?
    • Contrast?
  • Line thickness?
  • Typography
    • Font choice(s)? How many?
    • Font weight?
    • Font colors?
  • Images
    • Graphics? What kind? How many? What size?
    • Photographs? Backgrounds? How many?
  • Layout
    • Padding? Empty Space?
    • Alignment?

Now I want each of you to look at the following infographics and note what you see regarding the criteria above.

After, we will use the Google Doc I emailed out to construct a rubric for not only peer review, but also grading the final projects.


You have two obligations for next class:

  • Complete your infographic. We will look at the completed infographics in the next class. There is a major project turn in for this in Canvas.
  • Identify your redesign object. Either take a picture or scan it. Upload the image to the assignment portal in Canvas (under White Space Class Work). We will discuss these in the next class.
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