ENG 329: Project 2 Sign Up, Postmortem Questions, CYOA

Today’s Plan:

  • Project 2 Sign Up
  • Postmortem Questions
  • Options

Project 2 Sign Up

Here is a link to the sign up sheet. Remember that we need 4 people to be ready on Friday, and 5 people on Monday.

Postmortem Questions

I’m going to set up a quiz and have you answer these questions once you have completed the project:

  • Think back to our theoretical readings on affect. What do you remember? What is affect?
  • Did any part of that reading directly/explicitly influence a decision you made during production? Or, looking back, can you now recognize how that reading might have unconsciously influenced a decision?
  • What is the purpose / who is the audience for your Affective Object project? What led you to do this project?
  • Tell me about some of the primary compositions decisions you made (color, lighting, title typography, angles, music, etc). Which one sticks out as most significant?
  • What is your favorite part/element of your affective object project?
  • How would you describe your proficiency/comfort level/experience working with video technology before this class?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced working on the project?
  • What might you do differently were you to do this project again?
  • What might I do differently the next time I assign this project?


I was quite torn today on what to do in class, so I thought I might offer options.

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